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Achieving Your Leadership Potential 


Course Description

In today's workplace, keeping up with the demands of the job requires you to change, learn, and grow. Sure, you have the team, the projects, the deadlines, and the goals, but they don't make you a world-class leader. Achieving the status of exceptional leader requires so much more—including the time, effort, and motivation to continue to sharpen your leadership skills.


Learning Objectives

▪ Define your leadership development potential, including what it means to your pursuit of personal and professional growth.
▪ Link your leadership development to your own development needs as well as the organization's goals, values, and strategic direction.
▪ Create targeted, challenging, yet achievable development goals.
▪ Execute and measure progress toward goals, making appropriate adjustments along the way.



Mission focused, courageous presence, accountability, acquire, advance, ambition, apply, aspire, assess, coaching, competencies, development, dream, evolve, growth, implement, knowledge, learning, outcomes, possibility, proficiency, progress, promote, skills, stretch, training, Developing yourself

Duration: 20 minutes 

Target Audience: Leading Others

·         Frontline leaders

·         Emerging Leaders

Languages: English