Continuous Improvement

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Improving Your Processes


Course Description

Over time, you've developed a way to do your job so that you get your work done on time and to everyone's satisfaction. There are times, however, when things don't go according to plan—maybe a recurring problem surfaces or someone is unhappy about something. All jobs have their annoying elements. What if you could reduce or eliminate such anomalies? Or how about transforming any complaints about your work into praise? Well, you can—simply by examining your work processes and then making changes to improve them.


Learning Objectives

▪ Identify customer requirements.
▪ Identify improvement opportunities.
▪ Measure the success of your improvement efforts.



Innovative mindset, enhances the patient and customer experience, customer focus, customer need, customer requirement, improve process, improvement opportunities, improvement opportunity, measure success, measuring success, process improvement, process map, value added, work process, Productivity


Target Audience: Leading Self and Leading Others

·         Frontline leaders

·         Individual Contributors

Duration: 20 minutes

Languages: English